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 Rules for the forum

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PostSubject: Rules for the forum   Fri Jul 25, 2008 10:16 am


  • Do not spam (3 posts & above = 10% warning and post delete)

  • Posting warez/viruses/adult material will be deleted and depending on what give warning

  • Advertising of other sites/try sell things will be deleted and depending on what give warning

  • Do not be racist in any form or way.
If a player abuses 1 or more of these rules you can report this post by pressing the report post in the right corner of the post then an admin/moderator will check it.


  • same as above

  • No unfair usage against members of your control

  • Do not abuse your admin.

  • Before banning/set warning lvl, warn them about it first.

  • Do not unban players that are currently on the permanent ban list.

  • Do not be racist in any form or way.
if you as admin/moderator dont follow this you can get rid of your admin/moderator position
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Rules for the forum
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